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peace between Israel and Palestinians [Aug. 22nd, 2004|10:13 pm]
real debate


ok here is a nice controversial topic to start off with :)

here is my feelings on the topic.
peace is attenable and in the near future but a few things must happen
1) israel pulls out of Gaza and most of the West bank (except for jerusalem) they can build any wall/barrier they want along the approx green line of 1967
2) the UN goes into the west bank and gaza and acts as the police force since currently the PA is unable or unwilling to do so
3) elections are held within the west bank and gaza to decide on a leader. an election in which arafat isnt eligble to run. he has stolen enough money and been enough of a hinderance to peace
4) 6 months after that election the UN begins to train a new independent police force
5) 1 year after; talks begin for a permanent peace between israel and palestine
6) the UN is redeployed to border positions in the west bank and gaza to make sure terrorists cannot get over the border.



[User Picture]From: sabbathunter
2004-08-22 09:15 pm (UTC)
it is that thinking (by the little boy) why i think the two sides need to be seperated as much as possible. with the wall/fence/barrier and a multinational force patroling the border. if they cant reach each other they cant kill each other (sure there will be rockets and such, but the violence will greatly decrease)

and over time i feel trust will evolve and peace can be reached. its not something that will happen over night. it will take years.

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